Magento 2.0 Performance

by Ivan Chepurnyi







About Me

  • One of lucky former members of Magento 1.x Core Team
  • I love to optimize performance
  • I give trainings and independent consultancy

Let's talk about PHP APP evolution

All started from the good old Apache's mod_php



  • Dynamic server processes was not limited
  • PHP process is alive unless all bytes transfered to a remote connection
  • Every new PHP process takes time to start

Who is still running mod_php on production?

Then started an era of PHP-FPM



Not controlling your memory usage, might results in memory over-usage by one of the processes

Now the era of async I/O PHP apps is emerging...

Application Process Manager


  • You have to control used memory
  • You have to ensure async IO on any operation
  • If single line of code fails, all app crashes

Is it possible with Magento 2?

The answer is micro-services...

What is a micro-service?

Micro-service is a component that runs as a separate application

Micro-service candidates in Magento 2.0


  • Every page load requires I/O operation to cache storage
  • Dynamic requests in Varnish bootstrap full application

Session Application

Stock Processing

  • Every order place request requires database lock on stock table
  • You usually sacrifice stock integrity for performance reasons

Stock Application

Live proof of concept demo

Quote (Shopping Carts)

Every change shopping cart is a write DB operation

Quote Application

  • Store quotes in memory
  • Delayed DB syncronization
  • Endless BI possibilities

Image resize

  • Images has to be resized sequentially
  • Cold image cache perfromance hit

Image Microservice

  • Image can be resized in parallel
  • Main Application can utilize Async I/O

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